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Glass Tiles

Large format murals are nothing short of stunning, yet until recently, rare to see. Older techniques have proved too expensive or impractical for smaller projects. Relatively new on the market, glass tile murals offer a new technique with a photographic quality that is extraordinary. It's sure to impress your clients. From custom floor designs to it's uses in upscale modern architecture, the possibilities are vast. Your limit is only your imagination. Glass tile has a distinct advantage over other processes because of it's durability and it's ability to scale to any size project.

These glass tiles are the first available for printing on the back of glass to create unique murals. By printing from the back, the glass becomes the protection for your graphics. The tiles offer a new opportunity for creating graphics in glass putting you and your projects into the wider market and vast opportunity of home and commercial applications.

These tiles are vailable in 2 finishes, textured and smooth, each having their own best use.

Bison "Textured Finish" Tiles

Underwater scene of a glass tile mural used in a private residence

These glass tiles are a dynamic alternative to ordinary floor coverings and are suitable for high-traffic residential and commercial applications such as kitchens, hallways, foyers, business lobbies, executive suites, and boardrooms. The tiles can also be used for back-lit walls, wall murals, countertop installations, and swimming pools. Individual glass tiles feature a textured finish and are ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) compliant.

Testing performed by the Tile Council of America proved these glass tiles meet ANSI and ASTM standards for commercial wall and floor applications. They passed freeze-thaw testing, as well as resistance to chemical substances including all common household and cleaning materials, swimming pool chemicals, hydrochloric acid solution and potassium hydroxide. Additionally, the floor tiles' surface has a coefficient of friction that exceeds OSHA standards and a breaking strength that surpasses floor standards by more than 700 percent.

Digital Dyes "Smooth Finish" Tiles

Glass tile mural used in the kitchen of a private residence

Smooth finish tiles image from the back, creating a layer of glass protection for your graphics. These are for elegant decorative use (not floors or countertops that take abuse). Best used for decorative wall murals.

Glass tiles represent a breakthrough in longevity due to placement of the image on the back side of the tile. This protects the image from fading due to sunlight exposure and from wearing away due to foot traffic.

Imagine the possibilities... imprint a company logo tiled on their entry wall. Wall tiles create breathtaking results, satisfied customers, and substantial profits.


Glass tiles framed on a wall

Smooth Glass Tiles - white backed, tempered

4-1/4" x 4-1/4"
1 case (14 tiles @ $5.00 each) $70.00
6" x 6"
1 case (14 tiles @ $5.00 each) $70.00
6" x 8"
1 case (14 tiles @ $5.25 each) $73.50
8" x 8"
1 case (14 tiles @ $5.50 each) $77.00
12" x 12"
1 case(5 tiles @ $12.00 each)$60.00

Bison Tile Pricing - white backed

12" x 12" tempered $13.75 10 per case Weight 34 lb.
12" x 12" (not tempered) $13.75 10 per case Weight 34 lb.
6" x 6" (not tempered) $5.50 25 per case Weight 21 lb.
Sample Kit #1 - (4) 6" tiles $25.00
Sample Kit #2 - (2) 12" tiles + (4) 6" tiles $35.00

Bison Tile Pricing - smooth frosted

4" x 4" $4.90 60 per case Weight 23 lb.
6" x 8" $6.80 40 per case Weight 39 lb.
8" x 10" $10.50 24 per case Weight 40 lb.

(To give you an idea on FREIGHT charges)
30 lbs.
LA: $14.50
Chicago or Denver: $9.41
Orlando: $11.20
New York: $14.50
(Sent Fedex Ground - double boxed, foam corners, there is a packaging charge of $4/case. Large orders requiring pallets, add $7.50/pallet additional.

Actual Tile Sizes

6x6 is 6x6
6x8 = 6 x7-7/8"
8x10 = 7-7/8 x 9-7/8
12x12 = 11-13/16 x 11-13/16

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