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Thanks for your interest in our products. We plan on offering many more exciting products in the future, so come back soon. New classes are also forming for "Glass Tiles & Digital Dyes", so email us if you are interested, so we can let you know as the schedule develops. If you have completed this class we would love to see what you have created. Please email a photo and we will post it in our Gallery.

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Digital Dyes Art Glass & Tile

Choose one of these links for information about our Digital Dyes Art Glass or Tile products. Otherwise, check out our other equipment and supplies below.

Heat Presses by George Knight

Digital Combo Swing Away Heat Press

Digital Combo Swing Away Heat Press

14" x 16"

Shipping $90.00

If you want versatility and efficiency, the Digital Combo is a great choice. Because of the elevated upper and lower platens, this powerful dynamo provides features, advantages, and benefits not found in any other press.

Available in 14"x16", this fully digital swing-away heat press boasts all of the digital features of the bigger Digital Knight swing away heat presses.

This includes Digital Temperature, Time and a Digital Pressure/Height gauge, as well as programmable presets, user definable alarms and a host of other digital features.

As with all Knight swing away heat presses, the press construction is a solid, steel-welded framework, with SuperCoil-Microwinding™ heater technology. It carries the same warranties as the Digital Knight line of presses (lifetime on the heater element, three years on the electronics and a one year general parts and labor warranty on the rest of the press).

However, the very popular success of the Digital Combo lies in its almost instantly interchangeable system of optional heat platens and tables, and the advantages of its elevated upper and lower platens.

The lower platen is elevated about 9". This is very handy when transferring to thick items, such as glass block (which is in the planning stages). If you have any interest in growing into the architectural glass line, you may want to consider this heat press because it keeps your options open, without having to purchase another heat press later on. There is about 8" of free space under the lower platen, to the support post (Don't worry about its strength. It is plasma cut steel!).

JetPress 12 Entry Level Heat Press

JetPress 12

9" x 12"
Price: $315.00
Freight: $27.75

The JetPress is a heavy duty, low-cost, economical heat press intended for start-ups, home use, and non-production oriented heat pressing.

  • 9" x 12" Heat Platen
  • Digital timer and alarm
  • Adjustable height up to 1"
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Accurate temperature gauge
  • Smooth swing-away action
  • Solid steel welded frame
  • Silicone pad pressing surface
  • Heating indicator light
  • Modular cord and plug
  • One year warranty

In our opinion, the JP12, for the price, is a good little press. It is perfect for the hobbyist and light production. It is particularly handy for mobile retail and special event opportunities.

We want to emphasize that the JP12 is not a full-fledged production press like the Digital Combo is. It is great for what it is intended, but there is a reason it has a one year warranty.

JetPress 12
Weight: 30 Lbs
Electrical: 650 Watts / 5.4 Amps / 120 Volts
Dimensions: 16" D x 18" W x 10" H
Our price: $315.00

Digital Dyes

Glass tile mural used in the kitchen of a private residence

ArTainium UV+™ The Professional's Choice

ArTainium™ UV+ inks utilize a proprietary method of dye particle encapsulation. This procedure makes them the most UV resistant sublimation inks available on the market. Stringent manufacturing and quality control procedures ensure stability and consistency. In addition, our professionally created ICC color management profiles provide stunningly accurate and consistent color control management.

ArTainium™ UV+ Easy Flow Systems (Featured in Starter Deal Packages)

The Easy Flow offers the professional user the most efficient, cleanest, effortless way to turn your desktop printer into a continuously printing workhorse. The Easy Flow System comes already filled with ArTainium™ UV + ink of your choice, as well as offering new enhancements to make for the ultimate continuous ink flow system assuring that you will never need to buy a one-time-use cartridge again!

ArTainium™ UV+ Sublimation Ink Cartridges

As well as our Easy Flow bulk ink delivery systems, we carry a full line of profesionally filled cartridges. All our cartridges are filled to the maximum fill capacity recomended and are guaranteed to be free of any defects.

Bulk ArTainium™ UV+ Sublimation Ink

There are many benefits as to why people are choosing ArTainium™ UV+ to be their sublimation ink such as greater UV resistance, consistency, brighter more vibrant colors, greater color accuracy, superb customer service and support, but another factor to take into consideration is cost. Not only is our ink the best solution for your sublimation needs it is also the most cost effective with savings of over 65% on cartridges!

Ink is available for the following printers:

Epson 1280 - ArTainium™ Cartridges

  • 1280 - Black Cartridge: $89.00
  • 1280 - Color Cartridge: $99.00
  • 1280 - Cartridge Set: $188.00

Freight: $10

Epson 1280 - ArTainium™ Starter Deal

1280 Easy Flow Bulk Ink System Deal

What You Get:

  • One Pre-filled Easy Flow Bulk Ink System.
  • 6 x 75 ml of ArTainium UV +™ (CMYK,Lc, Lm) Sublimation Inks.
  • The Award Winning SI-PI+ ICC Color Management Profile.
  • 1 Box True Pix High Definition Transfer Paper.
  • Buy the complete package Here for only $899.00

*Printer NOT included

Epson C86 - ArTainium™ Cartridges

  • C86 - Black Cartridge: $99.00
  • C86 - Color Cartridge: $69.00
  • C86 - Cartridge Set: $306.00

Freight $10

Epson C86 - ArTainium™ Starter Deal

C86 Easy Flow Bulk Ink System Deal

What You Get:

  • One Pre-filled Easy Flow Bulk Ink System.
  • 4 x 75 ml of ArTainium™ UV+ (CMYK) Sublimation Inks.
  • The Award Winning SI-PI+™ ICC Color Management Profile.
  • 1 Box True Pix High Definition Transfer Paper.
  • Buy the complete package Here for only $699.00


Mural 8

Glass tile mural used in the kitchen of a private residence


  • Design and Print beautiful custom tile murals
  • Create custom size tiles
  • Choose 12 tile sized including 12x12 carpet squares
  • Easily add text, change fonts, sizes, colors and effects.
  • Import or scan images at the push of a button.
  • Multi-line text tool with alignment & line spacing controls
  • Monitor resolution feature (800x600, 1024x768, & 1280x960)
  • Production report tool
  • User friendly interface
  • Supports ICC color profiles and PowerDriver Pro software.
  • Multimedia interactive turtorials & Add-on tutorial support feature
Mural 8: $199.00
Freight: $5.95

Photozoom Pro

Glass tile mural used in the kitchen of a private residence

Freight: $7.95

Shortcut PhotoZoom Professional Perfect Photo Enlargements...

Many professionals are familiar with the problem: quality loss caused by digital image magnification. In many cases, a great deal of time is spent on achieving only a fairly acceptable enlargement result. However, there are familiar side effects including out-of-focus images and serrated edges which is illustrative for the lack of professional magnification software. The S-Spline® technology is based on a patented, self-adjusting, advanced interpolation method. It introduces a revolutionary approach to digital image enlargement.

Specially designed for the demanding image processing professional, Shortcut® PhotoZoom™ Professional (S-Spline® Technology) is a revolutionary, patented, and awarded technology which includes the best tools available for enlarging digital images.

Quality loss caused by digital image magnification is a very common problem among professionals. PhotoZoom Professional is able to render true-to-life image magnifications, without the serrated edges - yet perfectly focused - without any loss of quality! The software is perfectly suited for image magnification in digital photography, large printing, and DTP, but also in the Internet and industrial image processing (such as space technology, medical applications, security e.g. police).

Currently, there is no better solution than S-Spline® Technology for digital image enlargement...

A must-have for all digital camera users!

  • Improved S-Spline® Algorithm
  • Advanced fine-tuning tools for even better enlargement results
  • Batch conversion
  • Supports more file formats (48 & 64 Bit support)
  • Standalone application + Adobe Photoshop compatible export plugin.

It's truly photo magic!

Photozoom Pro Downloads

Try before you buy! The software will save 'watermarked' images until you enter an unlock code, which you receive upon buying the software.

Download Windows version

Download Mac OS X version


True Pix High-Definition Transfer Paper

As with all six-color printers, we suggest you use our "True Pix" high-definition paper for printing.

8.5 x 11 -- 200 sheets: $35.00
Freight: $7.50

11x17 -- 200 sheets: $64.00
Freight: $10.50

13 x 19 -- 200 sheets: $90.00
Freight: $12.50

Heat Tape

This is a special form of tape that can withstand high temperatures and help prevent ghosting. It is a necessity for every transfer.

$7.50 per roll
Freight: $3.85


While we don't sell printers ourselves, here are some links to the ones we recommend to our students. We do highly recommend that you purchase one of our bulk ink systems if you plan to do any amount of quantity. There are significant cost savings to you over time.

Epson 1280 Printer

This 6-color printer will be of high interest to many. The page format is up to 13 x 19, with paper rolls 13" x 40' available. The printer is a two-cartridge system. Black is in one cartridge. The other 5-celled cartridge holds the Cyan, light Cyan, Magenta, light Magenta and Yellow inks.

This many colors definitely produces a wide gamut of discernible colors, for the discriminating eye.

At an average price of $499 (and $100 mail-in rebates being offered frequently), the Epson 1280 is a good value. It offers a much wider format than a standard Epson. It has a very good print speed and can be configured with our new bulk ink system, to lower print costs.

Final Thoughts: The printer can have a high per print cost, because the color cartridge only holds 15 ml's each of five colors. Most who get this printer will eventually want to invest in our bulk in system, to lower print costs.

Epson C86 (Maximum print size 8.5x11)


  • Individual ink cartridges
  • Smudge-proof output straight from the printer
  • Class-leading resolution up to 5,760 optimized dpi
  • Enhanced quality with EPSON Variable Sized Droplet Technology
  • 4 picoliter EPSON Micro Dot Technology
  • High speed printing up to 22 ppm
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Easy USB connection to your PC or Mac (parallel for Windows only)
  • Printer cable not included
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